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At Ulta Finish Roofing, our team are the Melbourne specialists in roofing rebedding and repointing. Is your roof old and worn? Or perhaps you feel some tiles are detached or are you experiencing some leaking inside your home? Whichever the problem, the solution could be rebedding and repointing of your tiles.

Roof Repointing In Melbourne

Roof repointing is the method which follows rebedding, and it’s the second part of the process to ensure roof tiles hold in place. The bedding is the mortar which binds together roof tiles, and repointing secures the bedding in place and protects your roof from particles and destructive water. If you have fractures or deterioration in your roof pointing, then it’s most likely you’ll get leaking in your home. So if you have a Melbourne home, it’s best to manage both the bedding and filling between the tiles, so your home stays protected from harmful damage.

Melbourne Repointing Specialists

If you have leaking seeping in your Melbourne home, then it’s best to call a specialist to check if you need rebedding or repointing of your roof tiles. Roof work can be dangerous if you don’t have the proper safety preparations or you’re not trained in securely working on a roof. Which means it’s best to call the specialists from Ultra Finish Roofing to safely check your tiles for you.

If tiles become loose, they need to be rebedded and then repointed. Our specialist process involves carefully removing the tiles and the current bedding. The team then prepares the roof and tiles and applies the mortar.

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    Do You Need Repointing?

    Repointing protects your home. When there are signs of moisture inside your home, it’s a well-known risk for significant damage to occur. In saying the above, not all roofs or leaking problems need to be rebedded. So if your roof gets checked and the mortar is still active and securely in place then you may only need the reinforcements of repointing. The repointing process helps create a stronger hold and a tighter seal for your tiles.

    If you have cracked or lose tiles, or you’re experiencing moisture or leaks in your home then contact the team roof repointing masters at Ultra Finish Roofing today.


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