Re-bedding Roof Tiles


At Ulta Finish Roofing, our team are specialists in roofing maintenance, repairs and installation. Is your roof old and worn, or perhaps got damaged by a typical harmful Melbourne weather event? Whatever the reason, our team has the best roofing solution for you. 

What Is Roof Rebedding?

Tiled roofs get put together using mortar. Mortar is a paste which binds together materials such as bricks, stones and tiles. When it comes to roofing, mortar gets referred to as bedding, and this is what keeps tiles in place. Therefore the rebedding of tiles is the process which may be required when the mortar is broken or cracked. Which means it’s crucial to get it fixed to ensure your tiles stay in place.

What Is Roof Repointing?

Repointing is different from rebedding, and it’s best not to get the two processes confused. Repointing is the method which follows and it’s the second part of the process to ensure roof tiles hold in place. It secures the bedding and protects your roof from dust and damaging water. If your pointing has cracked or deteriorated, then your roof is likely to leak. Therefore it’s best to maintain both your bedding and filling so your home stays protected from nasty damage. 

Rebedding Of Tiled Roofs Melbourne 

Do you feel you may have loose tiles on your roof? In Melbourne, it can be quite common to have bedding naturally shrink down from elements such as the weather. If you have loose tiles, then it’s usually a sign the bedding has worn down. If your roof bedding is worn or not properly maintained, then your tiles will become loose. Unsecured tiles can be dangerous because they may become unattached and then fall. The team at Ultra Finish Roofing are specialists in roof rebedding, and we’ve been maintaining roofs around Melbourne for many years. 

So If you feel your tiles may be wobbly or you see any leaking, then contact the experienced team at Ultra Finish Roofing today.

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