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Is your roof looking a little worse for wear? Have the years and the harsh Melbourne weather left you with a dull and faded facade? Or perhaps you’re just sick and tired of your old home and want it to look brand new?

Occupying nearly half of the exterior of your home, the way that your roof looks has a huge impact on the overall appearance. A new roof can completely redefine the aesthetic of your home and bring a whole new perspective — unfortunately, getting a new roof can be a costly affair.

We have the solution: painting the roof of your home looks just as good as a new roof, and costs a fraction of the price. Whether you just want to touch up the colour or add the final touches of your roof restoration, you can be assured that your roof painting Melbourne job will be done to the highest standard by our team.

Whether you’re after a tile painter, metal roof painter, or any other type of roof painting, Melbourne’s finest roof painting service — Ultra Finish Roofing — can help.

Need roof painters for your Melbourne roof? Open 7 days a week, we can find a time that best suits your schedule. Call us today at 0421 990 207 or contact us — we’ll get back to you ASAP!

The roof painting Melbourne can always trust

Ultra Finish Roofing can make your roof look brand new with our roof painting. Melbourne family-owned, we’ve been looking after your roofs for decades and we’ll be making sure your roof looks sleek in the years to come.

Using only high-quality craftsmanship, tools and locally-sourced materials available, our team of experienced roof painters are committed to providing Melbourne residences with the great job that they deserve.

Providing superior services like painting, roof cleaning and caring for your Melbourne roof for over 25 years, our past customers — many of whom still are current loyal clients — highly recommend us and know that our team will always do a great job on their roofs.

We can offer our painting services alongside our high quality roof restoration in Melbourne, or roof painting alone, if your concerns are purely cosmetic.

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    Why you should paint your Melbourne roof

    Home value and curb appeal

    roof painting in MelbournePainting your roof is a simple and cost effective way to boost the appearance and value of your home, if you are trying to sell. As mentioned before, your roof is a big chunk of your home’s exterior and buyers will either notice its shabbiness or its newfound shine.

    Roof painting can also be a selling feature of the home; buyers will not only be drawn in by the vibrancy of your roof’s colour, but by the fact that they will not have to worry about painting it for a while. Especially when paired with a roof restoration, this can be the difference between a sale and a pass, or even in the amount of money that you receive for your property. In Melbourne’s housing market today, you need all the tools you can in your arsenal; roof painting can be a powerful, cost-effective strategy.

    And, even if you’re intending to stay in your home for the foreseeable future, it might be nice to revamp your roof and remind yourself why you fell in love with your house in the first place. You can fix up your home for yourself, too!

    Energy efficiency

    The colour of your roof can also play a role in how energy efficient your home can be. Depending on your heating and cooling needs — whether you need to retain more heat indoors or help minimise it — you should paint your roof to help you.

    While painting your roof is not guaranteed to bring your costs down, there are studies that support what is known as high-albedo roofing — roofing that reflects heat — and the reduction of energy demand. Lighter-coloured roofs can reflect up to 50% more summer heat gain, meaning that you can cut over a third of your energy use and save on bills. If your home is in need of heating, however, a darker roof is best. Rather than reflecting the sun, the darker colour helps to absorb more heat and keeps more heat inside the home.

    Keep on top of your roof repairs

    Last, but certainly not least, you should have your roof painted — particularly by a roof expert — as it allows you to keep on top of any damage that may be done to the roof. While preparing the roof for a painting, Melbourne roof painters like the team at Ultra Finish Roofing may notice loose tiles or areas that need repointing/fixing. They will also remove any debris that may be trapped on your roof before painting.

    This means that you can get to anything that needs fixing before major damage can be done to your home, saving you money in the long term and ensuring that your home remains secure.

    Can you paint your own roof?

    Well, yes. You can. However, the real question here is whether you should.

    Roof Painter melbournePainting a roof may look deceptively simple — enough so that many aspiring Melbourne DIYers consider tackling the project themselves. However, there is a number of reasons that you should always consult a professional roof painting team:

    It takes longer to paint yourself. Without access to the proper tools — spray equipment that does not leave any marks or uneven coating, and any safety equipment needed, depending on the height/pitch of your roof — roof painting will take you at least twice as long, if not more.
    The coverage you can get isn’t as good. Again, without the proper equipment, it’s harder to get the proper coating of colour and all the little details that make your roof stand out.
    Safety. Roof painting professionals are experienced and trained to paint on top of your roof, and are far less likely to be injured on the job. If you attempt your own roof painting, you could end up seriously injured, or may not be able to finish due to hard-to-reach areas. The only thing worse than a worn roof is a half-painted one.

    In the end, considering the costs and risks associated with painting your own roof, experts would highly recommend getting professional roof painting as it is pretty inexpensive in terms of the value that you get.

    Get started on your Melbourne roof painting job today!

    To give your roof a new lease on life and having it look just as good as a new roof, call us today at 0421 990 207 or contact us. Our team can do a quick inspection and consultation for you and get started on your roof painting as soon as we can.

    For all the roof painting Melbourne residences need, you can be sure that the team at Ultra Finish Roofing can handle all painting, roof repairs and any and all concerns you may have.

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