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No matter how well you take care of the exterior of your house, you will eventually need to have a roof guttering replacement. Most homeowners need to think about replacing guttering every 20 or so years, so — especially if you live in an older house — you may need to start considering your gutter repairs soon. 

Melbourne homes in particular weather all the harsh conditions that the elements can possibly throw at them, meaning that it is especially important to keep an eye out and know when to replace guttering in your house to maximise the safety of your home. Whether leaves or other debris have blocked up your gutters and caused damage, your eaves have become discoloured and weakened or the simple wear and tear of time has caused deterioration, it is important to keep your roof guttering in tip top shape to protect your home — and, more importantly, everyone who lives inside it. 

Our qualified roof plumbing specialists are well-versed in any and all jobs involving roof gutters, and provide excellent gutter repair and replacement services all across Melbourne and its suburbs. As a family business, we’re committed to protecting what matters to you. That’s why we offer professional and friendly roofing service on time and on budget. 

Got a gutter emergency? We’re open 7 days a week and can accommodate urgent requests. Call us at 0421 990 207 and one of our expert roof plumbers will be able to assist you ASAP.

What kind of gutters do we do?

We offer gutter installation and gutter replacement for all sorts of roofs: tiled roof, metal roof, Colorbond roof, and more. We would recommend that, if you have just gotten a roof restoration or painting job, it may be time to do the roof guttering as well. This will help to maximise the value of your overall roof restoration and the protection and aesthetics that it grants your home, ensuring that it lasts as long as it should.

The gutter of your Melbourne home that will work the best depends on a variety of factors: the material of your roof, the overall aesthetic of your home (or the aesthetic you would like), personal preference, drainage needs, budget and more. Our trained professionals will be able to help you choose the guttering that is right for you and can breathe some life back into any old guttering you may have. Personalised, personable service is what we pride ourselves on. 

We support local business, so you can always be certain that all of the materials we use are of the highest, Australian-made quality. 

Some of the gutter types we can install or repair for you include:

Box guttergutter replacement services in Melbourne

This is a simple but efficient gutter system that has gained popularity in recent years. These gutters are the most invisible of the lot, so if you do not want to actually see the gutter on the outside of your home, then this is the option for you.

With box gutters in particular, it is especially important to have a qualified roof plumber perform any gutter repairs or replacements. They need to be made out of the highest quality materials — stainless steel or Colorbond, for example — and need to be fitted with an emergency overflow in case of super heavy rain or any blockages; otherwise, the water will just go straight inside your roof and cause damage. 

Fascia/eaves gutter

These gutters are attached to the fascia — the strip or band that runs under the roof and that can be seen from the exterior — of your home. Rather than hidden, these are incorporated into the design of your home; as such, they come in a variety of colours, finishes and profiles so that you can balance form and function without sacrificing your vision for the outside of your home or any street appeal. They are typically made of Colorbond or Zincalume.

Square gutter

These gutters can handle large amounts of water, which may come in handy with the Melbourne rain. Available in a wide range of colours, these bring a more modern aesthetic to your home. They are typically made of Colorbond, Zincalume or galvanised steel.

Round/half-round gutter

These gutters are, as the name suggests, shaped like a half-pipe. This allows better water drainage; however, they are also very easily blocked by any debris and are harder to hide or blend into the design of the rest of your home. 

Quad (‘D’) gutter

These are the most popular styles of gutters for newer homes and for gutter replacements, as they complement most Melbourne homes in terms of style. They are typically made of stainless steel, galvanised steel, Colorbond or Zincalume — depending on your preferences, and your budget. 

If you are uncertain about what kind of gutter your house has, or which you would like to install when replacing gutters, call us today at 0421 990 207 and our experienced roof plumbers will be able to assist you. 

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    Ultra Finish Roofing’s roof plumbing and gutter specialists are committed to doing a great job, providing both quality gutter repairs and customer service to all of our valued clients across Melbourne. 

    We can ensure that your gutters are installed correctly and that they are optimised for the best protection of your home. We look at whether the slope of your gutters is correct; if not, water will begin to seep inside your roof, causing structural damage and leading to more extensive roof repairs being needed in the future. We also minimise chances of blockages and ensure that your overflow solution will work even in the worst of weather. 

    As a top-rated roof gutter replacement and repair service for over 25 years, our past (and many still current) customers highly recommend us for any roofing job needed in the Melbourne area. 

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